Barrister Mediation and Arbitration Service

The Resolution Centre is the first bespoke facility for Alternative Dispute Resolution in Northern Ireland. The Resolution Centre helps businesses, families and private individuals resolve their problems and disputes with trained and accredited dispute resolution professionals. Furthermore, the Bar of Northern Ireland also provides an online Directory to provide easy and direct access to its expert accredited mediators and arbitrators. Please click here to search the Barrister Mediation and Arbitration Service Directory which will directly link you to a number of highly trained professionals in the areas of:

Family and Matrimonial

Employment and Discrimination

Commercial & Property

Wills & Estates, and

Compensation Claims

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) which is facilitated by an independent mediator, who assists parties in resolving disputes.

The Barrister Mediation and Arbitration Service provides a pool of accredited independent barristers who have decades of professional experience of acting in all types of civil litigation. Unlike other lawyers or mediators from other professions a barrister’s experience of directing evidence for and actually conducting litigation gives them a significant advantage. Barristers bring the high level of expertise, independence and integrity that is necessary for the successful resolution of disputes.

The Barrister Mediation and Arbitration Service is now available directly to the general public, solicitors, professional organisations and companies. The service provides direct access to expertly trained Barrister Mediators and Arbitrators who will enable you to:

Barrister Mediators and Arbitrators are: