Elected Representatives

The Bar Council is responsible for the governance, regulation and representation of the profession. Elected biannually, the Council is comprised of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Bursar, at least 4 Queen’s Counsel, Junior Counsel and one barrister of less than 3 years in practice.

Chairman: Bernard Brady QC

Vice Chair: Peter Coll QC

Bursar: Donal Lunny QC

Members of the Bar Council:

Dermot Fee QC

Niall Hunt QC

Moira Smyth QC

Adrian Colmer QC

Eilis McDermott QC

Michael Chambers BL

Tom Fitzpatrick BL

Michael Forde BL

Alana Harty BL

Grainne Murphy BL

Louise Murphy BL

Michael Sheil BL

James Toal BL

Deborah Jordan BL

The Bar Council discharges its regulatory functions through the Professional Conduct Committee. The Professional Conduct Committee includes experienced practitioners across a range of legal specialities and two lay representatives.

Chairman: Martin Wolfe QC

Vice Chair: Liam McCollum QC

Julie Ellison BL

Hayley Gregan BL

Paula O’Kane BL

Ronan Daly BL

Jon Paul Shields BL

Leona Askin BL

Louise Maguire BL

Suzanne Simpson QC

David Russell BL

Ivor McAteer QC

Hugh MacMahon BL

Richard Coghlin QC

Barrie MacLatchie (Lay), Jacquie White