Barrister Profile


Year of Call: 2000

Main Areas of Practice

Family Law
Human Rights
Land Law


I specialise in Family Law. I act in Children Order, Adoption Order, Hague Convention and Wardship cases. I also act in Equity and Partition cases. I represent a cross section of people including parents, trust, Guardian ad Litem, intervenors and third parties and importantly children.

I act also in financial cases including those involving trusts, company and property assets both within and outside the jurisdiction.

I advise on inheritance issues.


1999; BA (Hons) Government and Law,First Class Honours

2000; Certificate in Professional Legal Studies

2000; Degree of Barrister at Law

For the past 5 years I have been a committee member on the Family Bar Association.

I am an Advocacy Trainer and enjoyed being a Pupil Master in 2013.

I am on the Children Order Advisory Committee (COAC) Review Panel for the Children (NI) Order Best Practice Guidance.


I act in all Courts. In particular I appear in the High Court Family Division both probate and matrimonial and care and protection. I also appear in the Family Care Centre and Family Proceedings Court. I have been involved in seminal cases over the past 13 years of practice including;

C; in re (contact; grandfather) [2004] NIFam 5

E; in re (Family Law Act 1986 enforcement; foreign orders; Hague Convention; residence order; voice of the child) [2005] NIFam 12