Barrister Profile


Year of Call: 2020

Main Areas of Practice

Company Law
Land Law


A commercial thread runs through Tim’s academic and professional experience with a significant proportion of his litigation having an insolvency-angle. Tim particularly enjoys contract law. He has a background of working for property development companies. He also has practical experience of personal injury, employment law and licensing applications. In the case of corporate embezzlement he has helped secure both civil injunction and compensation orders.

On top of his legal experience Tim holds the following credentials:


Called to the Bar of Northern Ireland.

CPCI (Insolvency Practitioners Association).

Professional Banker’s Certificate (Chartered Banker Institute).

LL.M in Commercial Dispute Resolution (City Law School, London).

Qualified as a solicitor of Northern Ireland.

Bar Vocational Course, Inns of Court School of Law, London.

Bachelor of Legal Science, Queen’s University, Belfast.

B.A. (Hons.) Business Studies (Ulster) with Japanese (ASU, Nagakute).

Professional Memberships:


Tim’s experience allows him to tutor at Queen’s University Belfast in Property Law and Judicial Review. A module co-ordinator for civil litigation, he has tutored trainee-lawyers at IPLS.

School Governor at Methodist College, Belfast. HR & Salaries Sub-Committee.

As a former chancery/commercial solicitor Tim worked on these 4 sample cases:

Titanic Quarter Limited v Rowe, Neil [2010] NICh 14

Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd (formerly Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Ltd) v Dolan, Jacqueline [2014] NIMaster 12

Savarese, Luigi v Fraser Houses (NI) Ltd [2015] NICh 2

Professional Negligence, [2019] NICA 54