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Year of Call: 2000

Main Areas of Practice

Administrative Law or Judicial Review
Criminal Law
Family Law


​2000; Called to the Bar of England and Wales

2006; Called to the Bar of Northern Ireland



Criminal - Crown Court / Court of Appeal

R v Murray, Martin; appeal - murder - abuse of process

R v Shivers; Crown Court appeal - murder Massereene -acquitted

R v Bond; Crown Court appeal - murder - loyalist supergrass

R v Martin; appeal - paramilitary convictions overturned - open justice 2009 and 2014

R v McConvill; Crown Court appeal - murder- Constable carroll

R v McKenna, Damien and others; Crown Court - explosive warhead

R v Wallce and Kerr; appeal - murder convictions overturned - McIlveen

R v Mervyn; appeal - sexual offences overturned - identification

R v Rodgers; Crown Court appeal - murder - historic - sectarian

R v McGlinchey; Crown court - paramilitary membership

R v Burnside; appeal - rape conviction - overturned

R v McGeogh; appeal Supreme Court - attempted murder - Supreme Court application accepted re: asylum application

R v McNally; Crown Court appeal - armed robbery - abuse of process - retrial- defendant acquitted

R v Walsh, Christy; appeal - historic - explosives - convictions overturned - fresh evidence

R v Rooney, Bernard; Crown Court; appeal; armed robbery - acquitted

R v McGlinchey; Crown court - Massereene - “terrorist” fundraising

R v Gorski; Crown Court - appeal - murder - DNA - circumstantial evidence

R v Crolly; Crown Court - murder - manslaughter - voluntary intoxication

R v Wong; appeal - terrorist - explosives - dangerousness

R v Chen; Crown court - confiscation - human trafficking - sex slavery

R v Uprichard; Crown court - historic sexual offences - stayed - unfit to stand trial

R v Madden; Crown Court - protection of Children and Vulnerable Adult Orders

R v Finn; Crown court - committed the act - unfit to plead

R v Cavanagh; Crown Court - supply of drugs - surveillance - admissibility of voice samples

R v Canning; Crown court - cross border - abduction - shooting - abuse of process - acquitted

R v Lilley; Crown court - tiger kidnapping - unfit to stand trial

R v Han Lin; Crown Court - appeal - seminal Court of Appeal judgment on sentencing in drugs cases - appeal allowed

R v Rumble; Crown Court - English Court of Appeal - escape from lawful custody

R v Duffy and others; conspiracy to murder - paramilitary - sophisticated surveillance

R v Morgan; Crown court - tiger kidnapping; conspiracy to rob - successful No Bill

R v McIlkerney and Cavanagh; District Judge - tiger kidnapping - dismissed - LCN DNA

R v Mitchell, Angeline: appeal - murder conviction quashed

Judicial Review - High Court and Court of Appeal

McCord; in re application for judicial review; PSNI - police re-hiring - £375m contract

Canning; in re application for judicial review; stop and search

McMahon; in re application for judicial review; PPS decision to accept lesser charges - Article 8 ECHR

Mooney; in re application for judicial review; PPS - decision not to prosecute

McGlinchey, Marian; in re application for judicial review; DoJ - compassionate release - seminal

Rodgers; in re application for judicial review; NIO - inequality of treatment - exercise of RPM

Morgan; in re application for judicial review; (PSNI/PPS - forum shopping - jurisdiction)

McGeough; in re application for judicial review; NIO - exercise of RPM

Campbell; in re application for judicial review; CSO - habeas corpus - forum shopping

McManus; in re application for judicial review; PPS/Court Service - abuse of process - committal proceedings

Extradition - County Court and High Court

Spain v Arteaga; lack of specificity – invalid warrant - terrorist membership

Lithuania v Liam Campbell; prison conditions - explosives - weapons

Spain v Chaos; murder - 25 police officers

Spain v Mechelena; murder - General of Spanish Army

Poland v Adamczyk; Article 8 ECHR - proportionality

Ireland v Iqbal; Article 8 ECHR – section 25 oppression

Germany v Monaghon; Robbery - Article 6 ECHR

Poland v Kielczewski; Article 8 ECHR

Ireland v Crowe; interpretation of Article 26

Czech Republic v Glogar; Section 21 Extradition Act 2003

Poland v. Korzeniowski; Article 3, 6 and 8 ECHR

Germany v Redjal; invalid warrant; Article 6 ECHR

Poland v Zlomanczuk; forum shopping; Article 3 and 8 ECHR

Ireland v Ward; breach of Article 6 ECHR

Poland v Krys; Article 8 ECHR)

Lithuania v Lyzovas; Article 6 ECHR; abuse of process

Poland v Tumkiewicz; Article 8 ECHR

Ireland v. Flynn; murder – Article 6 ECHR

Poland v Skrypczyk; Article 8 ECHR

Romania v Tiranesc; Section 21 2003 Act; Article 8 ECHR

Poland v Rusek; Article 3 and 8 ECHR; Section 21

Germany v Massoud; rape - Section 25 - oppressive

Czech Republic v Zilka; Article 6 ECHR - delay; Section 21

Switzerland v Conceicao; sufficiency of evidence - malicious complaint - Article 8 ECHR

Lithuania v Gerulis; Article 3 ECHR - Article 6 ECHR - abuse of process

Family - Court of Appeal

E (a child); in re; application for discharge of care order; EWCA

S (a child); in re; appeal order removing child from jurisdiction

Parole Commissioners

Marian McGlinchey; revocation of life license - successfully challenged

Brendan Lillis; revocation of license – successfully challenged)

Terence McCafferty; revocation of unexpired license - successfully challenged)

Coroners Court

Ballymurphy Massacre;

Section 41 Terrorism Act Extensions

Police v McVeigh; murder - prison officer

Police v McAuley; murder - alleged drug dealer

European Court of Human Rights

Omagh Bombing Civil Appeal; application accepted - response from UK Government pending


Omagh Bomb Civil; Court of Appeal - European Court of Human Rights pending

CPD Lectures

Delivered CPD lectures to practitioners on wide variety of subjects