Barrister Profile


Year of Call: 2002

Main Areas of Practice

Commercial Law
Land Law
Personal Injury


Advocacy and advisory practice specialising in chancery and commercial law. Expertise in liquor licensing, planning, and personal injury litigation.


2000; LL.B (Hons), Trinity College, Dublin

2002; M.A, Kings College, London

2002; Certificate of Professional Legal Studies, Queen’s University, Belfast (Recipient of the Williamson Trust Fund prize)

2002 - 2004; Tutor in Equity, Contract, and Tort, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast

2007; Bar of Ireland

Council Member, Irish Legal History Society

Member, Medico-Legal Society of Northern Ireland


Notable cases


In the matter of Weir Travel Limited and Fergus Shaw and (1) David Weir (2) Sharmayne Weir (3) Weir Travel Limited [2021] NICh 18

Tweed, Paul & another v J & E Davy, T/A Davy [2021] NICA 43

James P Corey Transport Limited and Owen Jacobson and Belfast Harbour Commissioners [2021] NICA 6

Winemark (The Wine Merchants Limited) v Kilmona Property Limited [2019] NIQB 23

Steele, Alastair v Bank of Scotland & anor [2018] NICA 48

Steele v Bank of Scotland & anor [2018] NICh 2

Ulster Bank Limited v Esmaili, Farzam & others [2017] NICh 14

Walsh, Philomena v Lester, Hector & another [2016] NICA 50

McKenzie, Desmond v McKenzie, Eileen & ors; in re the estate of Brian McKenzie (deceased) [2016] NICh 10

Cavanagh, John Joseph, as Liquidator of Meteor Controls (International) Ltd v Conway, John & another [2015] NIQB 69

Walsh, Philomena v Hector Lester and another [2015] NICh 17

Muckian, Deirdre & anor v Hoey, Abina (as personal representative of Michael Hoey, deceased) & ors [2014] NICh 11

McCaffrey, Patrick Fintan v McCaffrey, Eugene [2014] NIMaster 6

Curistan, Marion Anne v Keenan, Thomas Martin [2014] NICA 29

Logue, Anson & another v Bank of Ireland (UK) plc [2012] NI Master 10

Hutchinson, Andrew & others v Bank of Ireland (UK) plc [2012] NIMaster 8

Marcus Ward Limited v Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited [2011] NICh 7

Curistan, Peter Gerard v Keenan, Thomas Martin & another [2011] NICh 23

AIB Group v McElroy [2011] NICh 8

Odyssey Pavilion LLP (in administration) & another v Marcus Ward Limited & another [2011] NICh 10

Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment v Reid, Michael & another; in re Keadyanne Ltd (in liquidation) [2007] NIMaster 51; [2008] 5 BNIL 7


Forgrave, Thomas; in re application for judicial review HUM11634, 14/10/2021

Tweed, Paul & anor v J & E Davy trading as Davy [2019] NIQB 17

The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland v Logue (Anson) [2019] NIQB 3

McKernan, Gerard & another v Gibson, Alasdair & others [2017] NIQB 86

McLaughlin and Harvey Limited v Lockton Companies International Limited [2017] NIMaster 2

Taggart, Michael Adrian and another v Ulster Bank (Ireland) Limited and others [2015] NIQB 101

Cavanagh, John J v Dolan, William John; in re Latlorcan Developments Ltd (in administration) and in re WL Dolan Construction Ltd (in administration) [2015] NICh 14

Marshall, Colin Samuel v McGuire, Seamus Kieron Vincent [2014] NIQB 68

Bank of Ireland (UK) Plc v Patterson, Brian & others, practising as Patterson Miller [2014] NIQB 140

Mullan, Liam & Another v Mountainview Ltd & Another [2014] NIQB 85

O’Kane, Donal Thomas and another v Rooney [2013] NIQB 114

Quinn Building Products Limited v P&S Civil Works Limited [2013] NIQB 142

Walsh, Christopher David & others v Bank of Scotland plc [2012] NIQB 36

Derry City Council v Brickkiln Limited & another [2012] NIQB 84

Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited v Curistan, Peter Gerard [2012] NIQB 47

Lisburn City Centre Management Limited v Keag, Richard [2010] NIQB 134

Liquor Licensing:

Denmin Limited v Hughes, John and another [2019] NIQB 21

Denmin Limited v Hughes, John and another (2nd judgment) [2019] NIQB 13

Denmin Limited v Hughes, John and another [2019] NIQB 8

Denmin Limited; in re application for judicial review [2018] NIQB 53

Morris, Brian v Director of Public Prosecutions [2015] NICA 49

Information Rights/Media

Doran, Michael & anor; in re application for judicial review [2017] NIQB 24

Jones v The Information Commissioner and Another [2016] UKUT 82 (ACC)

ABC v British Broadcasting Corporation & Another [2015] NIQB 86

McGaughey, Christopher v Sunday Newspapers Limited [2011] NICA 51; [2012] NIJB 213


In the matter of an application by Dennis Hutchings for Judicial Review (Northern Ireland) [2019] UKSC 26

The Renewable Heat Association Northern Ireland and Another’s Application [2017] NIQB 122

Smyth, Thomas James v Diamond, Lawrence; Phillips, Neville v Ritchie, Elsie; Torrens, Henry James v Tally, Majella; McCabe, Kathleen Teresa v Moffett, Richard [2010] NIQB 74

Tsang, Joseph; in re application for judicial review [2008] NIQB 135

Allen, Glen v Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council [2014] NIIT 2086_13IT

McFarland, Margaret Evelyn v Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council [2014] NIIT 1781_13IT


Text books:

Contributing author: “The Law of Property in Northern Ireland” (2014)


Liability without Fault: Rylands v. Fletcher Revitalised, 1999 2 TCLR 124

Resale Price Maintenance; Irish Competition Policy and Practice 2000 8 ISLR 66