Barrister Profile


Year of Call: 2000

KC: 2024

Main Areas of Practice

Administrative Law or Judicial Review
Family Law
Human Rights
Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution


I have a particular interest and expertise in all areas of law relating to children under the Children (NI) Order 1995, to include Residence Orders, Contact Orders, Care Orders, Supervision Orders. I also have a particular knowledge of international law relating to children, such as relocation applications, child abduction civil proceedings (Hague Convention), Brussels IIR and the Human Rights Act 1998. I am a member of the Junior Counsel panel for the Health Trust public law children proceedings and regularly receive instructions on behalf of the child from solicitors appointed by the Northern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Agency, NIGALA, or the Official Solicitor. Through these instructions I am experienced in the issues arising in public law to include: learning disability; non-accidental injuries; addiction issues; disclosures by children. I also continue a practice in matrimonial and divorce law, representing clients through the process of Ancillary Relief. I also have access to secure e-mail at


1999; LL.B (Hons): Queen’s University Belfast

2000; Certificate in Professional Legal Studies, Distinction

2013; Advanced Advocacy, Core Solutions

Advocacy Trainer for the Advocacy Training Board

2006 - present; Member of the Family Bar Association Committee


From 2010 I have appeared in the following published decisions (noting the party I represented in brackets):

Breno (a psuedoym); in re (care proceedings; Portuguese kinship placement) [2010] NIFam 2 (Guardian ad Litem)

JR; in re (care order; rehabilitation) [2010] NIFam 18 (Trust)

Jakub (a psuedoym) & another; in re (No 2) (application for directions to facilitate the enforcement of a Polish court order) [2011] NIFam 12 (Trust)

Northern Health and Social Care Trust v CM & another [2011] NIFam 14 (Trust)

A; in re (a child; abduction) [2011] NIFam 20 (Official Solicitor)

SL v RG [2012] NIFam 1 (Official Solicitor)

SMcC v Southern Health and Social Care Trust & another [2013] NIFam 2 (Trust)

KK (a child); in re the Child Abduction and Custody Act 1985; VK & another v CC [2013] NIFam 6 (Official Solicitor)

SH v RD, [2013] NICA 44 (Official Solicitor)


“International Adoption”, 2012 Child & Family Law Up-date